Gun Control Is Bad Essay

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Responsible gun owners know how to treat a gun when they buy it, that’s why we have developed an organization to separate these people from irresponsible people who choose to act by a distinct set of the ruling. (Sola, par. 3) This means that some people will have guns, but only the ones who choose to use them for necessary causes. This suggests that people who don’t want their guns to be taken away or banned, will possibly be able to keep them if they show responsibility, and if they don’t, then they will get punished by losing their guns. “The reasoning is pretty clear: you need rifles to overthrow a government.” (King, par. 7) This is important because we citizens need our government to make choices and things of that nature, but if someone were to conquer our government, with the help of guns, then this would be horrifying to America. As a result, American’s will become angrier and more defensive with guns, and that’s why we would need gun control. “A…show more content…
(King, par.2) This means that all the drama and debates going on about gun control are not worth it. Gun control is not effective at all. This is important because people should know not to be spending their time supporting gun control when there are other types of weaponry that could do the same harm. “Now, rather than candidate Obama promising not to ‘take everyone’s guns away,’ he openly muses about an Australian-style gun control regime that would, incidentally, require taking everyone’s guns away.” (Stafford, par. 5) This means that American’s don 't have something to defend themselves against dangerous things. This would result in immense fear in the U.S. “After the ban was enacted, the homicides trended up until they reached a peak of 18.0 in 2003.” (King, par. 4) This means that the ban didn’t do anything to help the citizens. It is simply doing the opposite. This would result in chaos and, worse, people getting guns
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