Gun Control Issue

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Two things that do not go hand in hand with one another is Crime and guns. Gun control issues have been a huge problem in the United states for forever and a day. No matter what happens when violence and guns get in contact the problem pays us all a visit. The big question is real, If having new laws for guns, will it decide/figure out the crime rate in the United States? My opinion is that the new gun laws will figure out the crime rate because so many issues/problems will be solved in the united states. Gun control laws are racist. Reason being Gun control has been around a very long time, treating people badly or unfairly because of their race, class privilege, and existed as a means of control of the "less desirable classes" by the "Natural…show more content…
One aspect of the liberal push for gun control that has not been discussed is that of increased registration needed things paid for by a fee charged to the gun owners. This may well be going against something in the Constitution. The right to own firearms is promised that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described by the Constitution in the second amendment, just as the right to vote is promised that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described by the 14th et sub-changes, and the Supreme Court found that charging a fee to register to vote, a poll tax, was going against something in the Constitution, it follows, using the same logic, that charging a fee to register a firearm is going against something in the Constitution. This is because of both, voting and owning a firearm, are, unlike getting driver 's license, in a way that agrees with or is related to the…show more content…
The issue is not individual gun huggers shooting themselves. It 's the other people with access to that gun, say sad and feeling no hope teens living in the house or just visiting. And let us not forget that suicidal gun huggers often use the occasion to take out husband or wife, children, parents, all other kinds of relatives, coworkers, neighbors, and random strangers. We need to be able to fight back if any of those cases do indeed happen and if it is hard to receive weapons those who are bad will still end up getting them. Gun control issues will continue to be a problem in the United States if things don 't change. Anyone that thinks gun control is the answer to the killing that is going on is wrong! Nothing will change until parents start teaching their children right from wrong. Gun Control is too much of a political something you do to win a battle or to get what you want and failing. Politicians talks about the need to increase gun restrictions to stop gun crime, but new and current gun laws are designed to fail in order to allow certain people to own them and make unhappy because of not having a vote others. We 've got to stop the madness! The problem isn 't the guns, it 's the criminals
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