Gun Control Law Disadvantages

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One of the Gun Control Law of New York state is NY Safe Act, which stands for New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act. It was passed in January, 2013 and this law is about putting a limitation on the guns. This law increased the size of banning assault weapons and also, it expanded the bans on possession any kind of high capacity magazines. Similar to the gun buyers, Bullet dealers are also required to do background checks. The act requires registration for the assault weapons. Gun that were stolen are required to be reported within 24 hours to the police department. It gave NY citizens to have permits for handguns, but not for long guns. These are the advantage of the NY Safe Act, however, this law also has disadvantages.…show more content…
Meaning this law may restrict the health service from providing their treatment because people with mental problem can use the guns and kill the innocent people. This may be the reason why the law is against the treatment. From my opinion, these disadvantages are common sense. In one hand, people who are mentally sick are suppose to get treatment in order to reduce the amount of gun death. They use guns and shoot out of their sense and out of control. There can be a question that can be asked which is, how those sick people are getting the gun and from where they are getting them? That means there are lots of illegal gun sellers in many places who does not require any kind of documents, background check, permit or license. This is the reason, there is still so many people are dying from gun shots. In order to reduce this death 's, first, there should be some changes in the NY Safe Act. First, the mentally people should get free services from the health service. Secondly, all illegal gun sellers or dealers should be arrested which is a way to prevent the public from buying illegal gun. As soon as illegal sellers or buyers can be seen in public, other people around them should report the dealers and sellers to the police department. This is one action that the
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