Persuasive Essay On Parkland Shootings

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According to the Washington Post, on March 9th of 2018, at Parkland High School in Florida, a worried mother frantically exclaims “I love you! I love you! It’s going to be fine!” into her phone knowing that her daughter is in close proximity to an active shooter. She does not know if her daughter is 5 or 50 feet away from the shooter, but she knows that she’s in imminent danger. This mother’s reaction only skims the surface of what actually occurred that day as hundreds of parents feared for the lives of their children. The Parkland shooting is one of the many haunting massacres that have increased in frequency since the Sandy Hook disaster on December 14, 2012. According to Education Week, there have been nine school shootings in 2018 alone;…show more content…
An argument that is also commonly used against this part of the Common Sense Gun Laws would be how the federal government has a history of being completely ineffective in previous bans, such as The Drug War, and Alcohol Prohibition. Another part of this proposed plan exclaims, “Citizens need a limit on how many firearms they can own” again, the opposing side counters this by stating how the limit would do nothing but add more restrictions and regulation into the already over-regulated firearm industry. They state that it wouldn 't actually stop these tragic events from happening since the potential shooter would still have access to firearms. The final argument against Common Sense Gun Control attacks the part of the law stating how the “gun show loophole” is a major problem that needs to be solved. The loophole deals with private transactions and the belief that someone, who is under the age enforced by federal law, could go to a gun show or an online seller and create a transaction that is outside of the required minimum age to purchase a firearm. For example, This term states that an eighteen-year-old could go to a gun show and purchase a firearm. This claim stands on the notion that
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