Gun Control

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Gun Control in the United States Gun control in the United States has become a highly contested topic recently due to the mass shootings that have occurred. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines mass murder as a murder in which four or more people are killed in one incident (Morton). Over the past decade the topic of gun control has been prevalent in new legislation because mass shootings seem more frequent. Statistics reveal that although mass shootings have not become more frequent over the years, they have become deadlier with higher death tolls than ever before. The firearms and ammunition that civilians are able to obtain since the expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban in 2004 have led to the increase in the death toll (Duwe). Americans will continue to see a growth in the number of gun deaths per year until the United States government creates new legislation that is necessary to protect the American people by providing more restrictions on firearms purchases. Gun control is a term that means any type of restriction on firearms, including what can be bought and sold, who can purchase weapons, where and how they can be stored or carried, and reporting transactions to the government (Pérez-Peña). In the debates surrounding gun control, the focus is on how people are able to purchase weapons and what kinds of firearms they purchase. In the United States, background checks are necessary to purchase firearms. “Federal law prohibits certain people from owning

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