Right To Bear Arms Pros And Cons

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The United States was founded because the colonists in America desired freedom from the repressive British government. As the reason of independence was freedom, the United States introduced a constitution which guaranteed it. Most of them became the foundation of modern democracy, such as the popular election system, the freedom of the press, and the republicanism. Within these freedoms, the constitution declared in Amendment II that there was a freedom to carry firearms. As the United States progressed into the late 20th century, the controversy of the right to bear arms became a hotter issue, and the citizens in the U.S still didn’t make a decisive decision. However, it is clear that guns caused losses to U.S citizens, and therefore, the…show more content…
When the Second Amendment was first ratified, its goal was to give the citizens a chance to protect them from hostile neighbours such as the still remaining UK soldiers or the Native Americans. This is just a story for the early republic which didn’t have enough power to completely protect its citizens. The current United States is now different. U.S now has a stable society, and the need of ‘protection from enemies’ now do not exist. The primary goal of this amendment is now gone. The right to bear arms even caused backlashes in society management. For example, as the suspect has a possibility to carry firearms, the governmental authority had to deploy firearms to the police or other sectors in managements. This concludes to innocent deaths by officers, often leading to civil unrest such as the Missouri incident. If gun possession is outlawed, the need of weaponry usage could be minimised, and the undeserved death of Robert Brown would not be…show more content…
This seems to make sense, as banning gun possession, in a larger term, is a restriction of a personal freedom. However, looking at a bigger sense, gun possession takes more individual rights than restricting it. Examples are overflowing. Gun homicide takes the individual rights to live, its injury infringes the right to live healthily. The overall social costs for gun accidents could be interpreted as individual property rights are also violated as citizens have to pay more taxes for it. Quite certainly, allowing gun possession infringes substantially many and important rights in our lives. It is unacceptable to admit the rights to bear arms with the cost being basic rights as a human being. However, the second amendment encourages this preposterous action, and concordantly, should be abolished. To conclude, it is clear that the U.S is suffering from gun rights, and the adroit solution is to abolish the second amendment. Liberty is an integrity modern nations all pursue to protect it. However, we also realise it has some limits. Overuse of one’s rights eventually would clash with another’s rights, and gun control issue shows this clearly. It is now time to remove the remnants of 19th century early civil rights and keep up with time, progressing towards a gentler and a kinder
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