Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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The United States was founded because the colonists in America desired freedom from the repressive British government. As the reason of independence was freedom, the United States introduced a constitution which guaranteed it. Most of them became the foundation of modern democracy, such as the popular election system, the freedom of the press, and the republicanism. Within these freedoms, the constitution declared in Amendment II that there was a freedom to carry firearms. As the United States progressed into the late 20th century, the controversy of the right to bear arms became a hotter issue, and the citizens in the U.S still didn’t make a decisive decision. However, it is clear that guns caused losses to U.S citizens, and therefore, the second amendment should be removed. The Usage of guns in the U.S is one of the major causes of crimes, injuries and death. According to the Centre for disease and control, every 10.3 deaths per 100,000 people are due to firearm injuries. This is the same rate with motor vehicle accidents, showing how prevalent firearm accident is in the U.S. Children are not an exception at this massacre. Another research from the NBC showed that out of more than 12,000 annual gun accidents, about 10% involved Americans aged 18 or younger, of which 756 of them were killed. As everyone have access to firearms, guns became the primary tool even for the criminals to conduct their crimes. In 2011, the UN reported 67% of all homicides in the United States

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