Argumentative Essay: The Power Of A Gun

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The Power of a Gun In the United States of America, the First Amendment right is one of the most important, allowing us to our freedom of speech. The Second Amendment is the second most important, allowing the citizens to have the right to bare arms to defend themselves, their family, and their country against any threat. This amendment gives us the right to have power for ourselves for protection, hunting, and sport. Due to the recent gun violence in America, some people view guns as a horrid object and want to revise the second amendment. Here I will show the truth about gun control with both sides of view and their respective opinions. Also, this paper will provide facts between the races and the genders of gun violence from white and black…show more content…
Nearly 96 Americans die each day from a gun related death, 62 percent of these deaths are suicides ( Almost 7 children and teens are injured by guns every day, but most instances are due to carelessness or unintentional. Here’s where race plays a part. All lives matter in this world but before I bring race and gender into the statistics I would like to state that these statistics are in no way a game, its horrible how much crime and homicide is committed in the United States. That being said, in big cities like Chicago or D.C., gun control plays a huge effect on consumers of firearms, but in 2015 Chicago reached its record high of homicide crimes in the country. This is just one example of how gun control doesn’t affect the power of a gun. There’s a big talk over white on black crimes and white on black crimes, for example, has an article that shows statistics of these crimes and the white on black crimes have spiked since 2008. “Overall, killings of blacks by whites and whites by blacks accounted for about 12 percent of the roughly 6,000 homicides last year in which police had information about the race of both victim and killer – a slight increase from around 11 percent in 2014. About 15.8 percent of white victims were killed by blacks last year, and 8.6 percent of black victims were killed by…show more content…
The Parkland shooting in Florida. A tragic school shooting in mid-February of 2018 has the whole country spinning circles around more gun control. My opinion and stand point on this subject is to open readers eyes to the fact that it simply will not work. The students pushing for more gun control are starting marches that have affected the schools around the nation in a walkout in March of 2018. This walkout was for the awareness that students don’t feel safe in their hometown schools and also bringing awareness for the seventeen students who lost their lives during the shooting. Now, I can agree with some of the laws the movement is pushing but most of it can easily be debunked. If the nation wants stricter background checks and mental health checks I completely agree with those statements. But, raising the purchasing limit to 21 for a rifle does not help anything, the child who tried to shoot up a Maryland was a seventeen-year-old student and he had a handgun (which is only permitted until the age of 21). What I am saying, is a criminal can easily get their hands on a firearm if they wanted to. But too strict of gun control can lead to great, law abiding citizens without protection of their selves or their families. The debate whether we should arm our teachers is also a good subject. I do not believe in teachers having a gun in the classroom unless they want to go through the training provided by school funding and
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