Gun Control Problems

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Society has always had problems with guns and the laws made around them, but even with the laws that have been made, guns are one of the number one sources of violence. The gun issues are getting worse each day, which is why something must be done. If nothing is done to stop this issue, what will happen? Guns in today’s society have gotten so bad, a call for gun control must be taken into action. Guns are causing many different problems, but the real problem is how easily accessible they are. There have been numerous reports of terrorists in possession of legal guns, and they are using them in a violent manner. Too many mass shootings have occurred because of the accessibility to guns. In many states, anyone eighteen years or older is…show more content…
The safety of people has gotten very questionable ever since guns have been an issue. People were not worried about gun problems in airports until the shooting in Florida, where five people were killed occurred. This shooting was an eye opener to many travelers, that guns are everywhere, and there are a lot of crazy people in this world that are willing to take people 's lives with them. Mr. Fernandez proves just how unexpected the shooting was, but also how big of an impact it had on people when he stated, “The shooting has shed light on a rather obscure aspect of American air travel” (Fernandez). Many people are now more cautious at airports than ever before. These problems are making the world more skeptical about guns. Guns are not just being made as a means of protection, they are being made to kill too. How is that right? Guns should not be allowed to be purchased if they are meant to kill. A New York Times editorial shed light on this crazy discovery, “It is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency” (End). The worst part about guns and the violence they bring, is they are happening in everyday lives. Guns problems are happening in schools, workplaces, and even in homes. Because of the easy accessibility of guns, people are able to bring them into, what should be, “safe” places, and use them in a violent manner. Murderers are getting very wise about where to pull the trigger, they are shooting in places where guns are prohibited, which is why it is so
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