Gun Control Should Be Banned In The United States

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Gun control is a trending issue in the media, and within political debate. Now, more than ever, the media contains the news of gruesome crimes, including mass shootings in schools, churches and other public places. There are so many examples shootings in churches, schools and other public places that are taking president in the media. This has caused much controversy as to whether or not guns should be banned in the United States. The ideal option would annihilate any further action from being taken, however, there is no possible way for this to actually occur. By far, the best option when it comes to this issue is furthering background checks when people purchase weapons, and putting an emphasis on teaching consumers of these weapons about…show more content…
This notion proves that gun violence now is more prominent than it has ever been in the past. Some people may argue that the best solution to the issue of increasing gun violence could be to eliminate weapons altogether. However, this would be imposing upon the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" (US Const. II.). Along with the fact that the right to bear Arms is a part of the Constitution, there are many people who own guns and are able to use the responsibly. It is important not to punish those who have done nothing wrong for the actions of a few, meaning that the ideas of a majority party come into play. Even though there are many people that are in support of eliminating guns all together, there are also people on the other extreme side of the spectrum. They want to remove any restrictions on guns all together, and have many reasons to support this belief. Because there are so many differing opinions on how to handle the gun violence issue that has risen, there must be a compromised solution that both allows for gun violence to decrease, and for the Second Amendment to be followed. One solution that could be…show more content…
Gun limitation is an unpopular opinion, and the elimination of guns altogether can be protested with evidence from the Constitution. The Second Amendment gives the citizens the right to bear arms, and there is a section of the document that states that the “pursuit of happiness” is a right that the government is not allowed to remove. Granted, the pursuit of happiness argument is unstable, because the ending of lives due to guns is another violation of the constitution, but the argument is valid for those who use guns responsibly, and do no harm to others with them. Even though eliminating guns is an unpopular opinion, the evidence still point to the fact that mass shooting numbers have increased substantially in the most recent decade. There are however, some people who have a viewpoint on the other end of the spectrum-meaning that they want no restrictions on guns at all. This too, could be dangerous, because people who are not prepared to deal with the responsibility of using a gun could obtain one. It is a scary thought to think that they could even obtain the gun legally. This would also make access to weapons much easier for people who are planning to use them to harm others for whatever the reason. The best possible solution to the problem is to put background checks in place for people buying guns. This will
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