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Patrice Tseh
Professor Worke
Synthesis Essay
Gun Control in The United States
Guns. Instruments once used specifically, in war environments are now flooding the streets and putting the people in danger. It usually was safe for people to go out to enjoy entertaining events such as concerts. However, one cannot step out lately without worrying if they would be able to safely return to their homes at the end of the day. The most common factor that is almost always involved in incidents such as murder, mass shootings, muggings, and suicides or deaths in general in the United States, is guns. The United States ' history is full of gun related incidents that greatly affected the American people. Some examples include the
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Moreover, the first source that will be synthesized in this essay includes the article titled "Gun Control" which comes from the Gale online database, highlights several events that has taken place in the United States that raised the question of controlling guns. Some examples of such events can be found around the first line of this introductory paragraph. The second that will be synthesized into this essay is an article in a
Tseh 2 scholarly journal titled, "Making Guns Safer" by Stephen P. Teret et al. The focus of thus source is about how personalizing weapons can effectively prevent gun-related accidents, injuries, and reduce the likelihood of teenage suicides in both children adults. Lastly, the last source that will be synthesize into essay is another article from the same database as the first source and second sources titled, "Is Gun Control the Answer to Mass Shootings?" By Charles Scaliger which is against gun control. By looking at the tone of the article and Scaliger 's usage of words such as
"anti," "criminalizing," "utopian," "sin," and "evil," one can argue that article is against gun control. These sources were chosen because they provide strong evidences that both support
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The enforcement of stricter gun control laws would be extremely beneficial for the safety of the people in the United States. Stricter gun control laws would ensure guns do not fall in the hands of people who would misuse them. For example, individuals who are 21-years-old and below should not have the right to own or be around guns. For if they cannot legally drink alcohol, how can the authorities trust them with a weapon that can easily take a life within seconds. Furthermore, stricter gun control laws could make sure that people go through a proper psyche evaluation before they can obtain the right to own a gun. Not guns. This is because the majority of gun owners claim that they obtained the firearm for the protection of their families and themselves. One does not require a gun to feel protected if they do not go around looking for trouble. Even if someone absolutely needs protection, one does not necessarily require more one
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