Gun Control: The Consequences Of More Crimes And Shootings

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Everyday, innocent people die a tragic death, with a deadly weapon called, the gun. This weapon comes in many forms, such as a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and many more. The most commonly used amongst the many varieties, is the pistol. The pistol, is a basic weapon, and is regularly used in shootings. Unfortunately, the these guns are everywhere, and you never know when you might get shot, by this lethal weapon. November of 2017, a man named Stephen Paddock, went into his hotel room, broke the window, and started to fire his semi-automatic machine gun towards a crowd watching the Route 91 harvest. His rampage killed almost fifty-eight people, and injured almost five-hundred people.

The U.S. Government should include stronger gun control laws to stores, resulting in less crimes around the United States. This is for the reason of reducing the amount of unstable people from obtaining a deadly weapon and to kill people, prevent gun suicide, and make mass shootings and terrorism less likely to happen in the US. To summarize, this problem in our modern day society, is a way to help decrease the amount of deaths of not just only the victim, but the shooter who may kill themselves afterwards.

Firstly, one thing stronger background checks can do, is reduce unstable people getting a deadly weapon, and killing people, with that, less deaths will occur. According to New England Journal of Medicine, Rooting out Gun Violence by Debra, Stephen. Edward, Marym Jeffery, Drazen (M.D. or

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