Gun Control: The Controversy Of Concealed Carry

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For years gun control has been a topic of many debates and much controversy. Countless friendships have been broken or possibly started due to the topic at hand. Overall everyone knows that one political extremist who takes the issue of gun control out of proportion. Gun control has been an argued upon topic for many years starting in 1813 when Kentucky made it a felony to conceal a weapon. The topic of concealed carry is still controversial 200 years later. Guns rights activists would make steps against gun laws only to be swallowed up by the anti gun administration. The NRA is certainly not perfect and has had its own share of personal controversies. Despite few gun accidents and suicides gun control is a burden on society. A citizen…show more content…
There is no correlation between gun laws and gun crimes. In the United States many different Cities have their own gun laws and some are stricter than others. In a city like Chicago the gun control is strict but the homicide and crime rate are extremely high. Chicago’s strict gun laws are not stopping any crimes, this is because criminals in chicago have many ways to obtain a firearm illegally. The easiest way criminals get firearms is by stealing them. Serial numbers are often filed off to prevent a weapon from being traced. With no serial number a gun thief can now sell the weapon with no risk of it being traced back to the original owner. In a city like D.C. the strict gun control creates an illusion like it is actually helping. In actuality the city in general is just less violent. There is no amount of gun control that can keep guns out of the hands of criminals and stop alternative measures of terrorism. in the world there can be a country with extremely strict gun control and a country with lax gun control and the homicide rates could still be…show more content…
In 1998 the FBI issued the first background check for the purchase of a handgun. Even the briefest of background checks can keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons. More extensive background checks can look into medical records and stop people with extreme personality disorders from getting guns. People with bipolar disorder can suffer from manic highs followed by suicidal lows and if you pair that combination with the possession of a firearm the result will more then likely be catastrophic. A gun background check consists of a mental and criminal check, and the completion of a 16 question form with questions related to a person 's
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