Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws In The United States

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Gun Control

Man, did you see that gun kill that dude, says no one ever. Did the gun suddenly grow a mind of its own? No! The tool doesn 't commit the crime, the person who uses the tool commits such. America has the right to bear arms and to keep her gun 's, but something needs to be changed when it comes to gun laws. Guns are not the problem, it 's the gun laws that are the issue. Gun laws are weak, there has been more shootings than ever before. And there 's no unity to create a solution.

We begin with how most gun control arguments begin with. A tragedy. A young teen at the age of fifteen named Monica lost her friend who was shot from another teen leaving behind a four-month-old daughter. Monica now at age eighteen is shocked that a
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"Guns are why we 're free in this country and people lose sight of that when tragedies like this happen" says Scott Ostrosky. He also stated, " A gun didn 't kill all those children. A disturbed man killed all those children." Tragedies like these shootings are the purest example that we need to make sure that the wrong people do not get their hands on these tools. And they are the purest example that gun laws are weak and so are background checks. Advocates of gun control say that the recent shootings prove that the Nations gun laws are way too weak (Smith, Patricia). Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to stop gun violence tells that these tragedies expose how weak our gun laws are. Ladd Everitt says that our laws are inadequate and utterly insane (Smith,…show more content…
Supreme Court overturned the District of Columbia 's thirty-two – year ban on handguns in 2008, a victory for the gun- rights lobby that seemed to promise a more permissive era in America 's long tussle over gun ownership." (Fields, Gary). The battle over whether residents can own firearms has been replaced by a new debate over whether lawmakers can restrict legal gun ownership. "Nobody thinks we would have fewer shootings and fewer homicides if we had more relaxed gun laws." (Fields, Gary).

Kenneth Barnes lost his son in 2001, his son was shot and killed. Kenneth Barnes supports his city 's current gun law. "I have no issue with the right to bear arms" but the Supreme Court 's decision gave the city the right to set gun laws for its citizens, he said. (Fields, Gary). In 2009, law in effect, homicides in the city dropped to 143 from 186 in 2008. Also 2009 was the lowest since 1966. Between 200 million and 350 million, which results in a rate between 65,000 to 114,000 guns per 100,000 people
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