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Gun Laws: Difference in Stiffens
Gun control laws are a part of gun culture that regulate the sale, ownership, possession and use of firearms. The United States (US) and Australia are liberal democratic nations. Both countries have federal systems of government and history of armed European settlement. They have deep-rooted gun culture with millions of firearm loving citizens. Moreover, the US and Australia are brother nations who have been fighting on the same side of different conflicts for centuries. As a result, many people assume that they have similar gun culture and laws. However, there are clear parameters that distinguish Australiana gun culture from the US. In stark contrast to the US, Gun control laws in Australia are more stringent
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For instance, gun markets in the US are apparently very diverse and less regulated by gun laws. In the US, there are more than fifty-four thousand federally licensed firearm dealers ranging from mom -and-pop outlets to Walmart. It is also estimated that eight thousand pawn shops are licensed to buy and sale firearms. Moreover, about two-five thousand gun show events are conducted every year. Gun sales are advertised in the internet or mail ordered catalogs. Conversely, Australian gun market is less diverse and highly regulated. The number of licensed firearm dealers in Australia are reported to be only around two thousand. A provision in the Australian gun laws mandates that firearms can only be sold through a licensed dealer, prohibits private sales and bans gun shows as well as advertisement and selling on the internet. Thus, the high intensity and less regulated gun markets in the US in contrast to Australia vividly shows relaxed gun laws in…show more content…
In this regard, since 1996, Australian gun law totally bans the importation, manufacturing, sales, possession and use of automatic and semi-automatic rifles and guns. In addition, states in Australia conducted a large scale mandatory buyback program from the owners and dealers in order to reduce or remove the already existing automatic and semiautomatic weapons in the society. On the other hand, automatic and semiautomatic weapons are legally permitted in most states of the US and are abundantly available. At federal level, the US Congress enacted the ten years ban of automatic and semiautomatic weapons in 1994. However, the law expired in September 2004 and has not been renewed since then. Thus, high capacity magazine legal both at states and federal levels. In short, illegality of automatic and semiautomatic weapons in Australia reveals that Australian gun law is stiffer than the US.
Remarkably, Australian gun control law is stiffer than the US. This tightness appeared to be based on the difference of the constitutional rights to own guns, process of permit and license acquisition, less or highly regulated gun markets as well as permission or prohibition of automatic and semiautomatic weapons. These differences need to be taken into account by citizens, policy makers and gun control lobbyists and gun
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