Gun Law Vs Australian Gun Laws

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Gun Laws: Difference in Stiffens
Gun control laws are a part of gun culture that regulate the sale, ownership, possession and use of firearms. The United States (US) and Australia are liberal democratic nations. Both countries have federal systems of government and history of armed European settlement. They have deep-rooted gun culture with millions of firearm loving citizens. Moreover, the US and Australia are brother nations who have been fighting on the same side of different conflicts for centuries. As a result, many people assume that they have similar gun culture and laws. However, there are clear parameters that distinguish Australiana gun culture from the US. In stark contrast to the US, Gun control laws in Australia are more stringent without constitutionally entrenched Bill of Rights to carry guns, with tough process of firearm acquisition, less diverse gun markets and prohibition of Automatic and Semiautomatic long arms.
First, an important dissimilarity between US and Australian gun laws is the existence of Constitutionally imbedded right in the US to own firearms and this makes it loosen in contrast to Australia. In the US, the Second Amendment of the Constitution allows any individual to own gun with the intention of “defending themselves.” Moreover, the over-riding belief on the Second Amendment makes it easy for legal resident aliens to bear arms, particularly, if they are residents of a given state for only more than nineteen days. In contrast, Australians

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