Gun Laws Argument Essay

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Since the begining of America, the Founding Fathers wrote the strong-standing Bill of Rights with amendments to protect the country that had just recently won their freedom, but one amendment has been the top theme of controversies for centuries. Gun laws offend the Bill of Rights in so many ways and they prove ineffective. Gun Laws are relevant due to thousands of deaths and self-protection. The argument goes on but without guns there is militia, one of the main intents of the Second Amendment. These simple rules can reduce deaths, proven by millions of influential people. Gun laws have their positives and negatives, but the debate isn 't resolved yet. Although making people give weapons up is an agreeable idea to many citizens, an American…show more content…
The thought of a society without a militia is sickening with terrorists being able to attack any helpless citizen. Sure, the alternative weapons are useful, yet they don 't have any range upon the enemy and some people can not acquire the physical force or tactical skill needed to fortify. Gun control makes it so only the fittest of the fittest survive, which means even more deaths when terrorists attack. To add, gun laws do not prove any use. Even though gun laws prevent deaths, they infringe so many rights in the immutable Bill of Rights, which is one of the foundations of the great United States. Gun laws give too much power to the government and way less from the people, which will lead to government corruption. And, stated by,”Guns don 't kill people, people do. We need to concentrate on the values and morals of our citizens and at the role the media plays in glorifying violence and the lack of respect for law.” (Shootout: Do We Need More Gun Control Regulations?) What people don 't understand is that they are taking away their own freedoms with Gun Control. In conclusion, the people for Gun Control are infringing rules that are immovable, and the against it are literally on higher ground because they know that the people for it are trying to fight America, which they are. Gun Control is just one big fight that was started by people that lust for control and use it to pollute the society. Even though gun laws are the top answer for less gun
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