Gun Laws Persuasive Speech

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Imagine sitting in a classroom laughing at a joke your friend made, or planning on going to the movies after school, or even listening to someone’s persuasive speech essay. When suddenly someone bursts through the door with an automatic weapon in hand. You and your friends run and hide in the corner of the classroom, you are all afraid that you will never be able to see the faces of your friends, teachers, or family members ever again. How could something like this happen you may ask? It happens often because of how lenient gun laws are in America and something needs to change. To drink legally in most places in America you have to be 21 years old and have your ID present. However, to purchase a gun you only have to be 18. There is more control over underage drinking than owning a gun in America. Why is this normal? This is all due to the second amendment of the US constitution. According to this amendment, everyone has the right to …show more content…

Everyone here would probably be thinking that guns are more difficult to purchase then cars right? In fact, it’s the exact opposite. To get a car, you must first get a license, get car insurance, buy the actual car, get all the paperwork done, and finally register the car. Without including the training to get a license, this procedure can take over a month. However, to purchase a gun you need to go over to the nearest Walmart, answer some questions, and wait a couple of minutes to let the gun dealer make sure you haven’t committed any felonies and Voila! You are now the proud owner of a brand new semi-automatic assault rifle... If you have never committed a crime then the process to purchase a gun would take a maximum of ten minutes. This is way too easy of a process to purchase a gun, and there definitely needs to tighter regulations to earn the ability to kill

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