Gun Laws Research Paper

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The guns laws in this country must, absolutely must be reformed. I am an eighth grade student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School in Gulf Breeze. In the past couple of weeks, I have been told about multiple shooting threats to schools in our area. I was also informed of a recent shooting in Pensacola. Then, there was the school shooting in south Florida. How much more bloodshed will it take before we make a change? First of all, there must be more rules on who may purchase a gun. Those that are juvenile or mentally disabled may not have the capacity to realize the consequences of their actions. We are considered adults at age 18, but multiple sources agree that the brain is not fully mature until 25. We can’t always make good decisions with under-developed brains. One article reads that “because the prefrontal cortex is still developing, teenagers might rely on a part of the brain called the amygdala to make decisions and solve problems more than adults do. The amygdala is associated with emotions, impulses, aggression and instinctive behaviour.” ( Those who are mentally disabled may have even less developed brains than peers of their age, hindering their ability to make proper decisions. The age limit to purchase a gun should be raised and those who are mentally disabled should not be able to. Assault weapons are used in a large number of mass shootings. But why are they in the hands of the American

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