What Is The Effect Of Persuasive Essay On School Shootings

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The shooting in Parkland, Florida has been the talk in the news, newspaper and in schools. The shooter was mentally ill, and he bought a rifle legally, which should not have been allowed to happen. Many people such as the FBI, the president, the parents of Cruz, and Cruz himself are in the wrong for what happened. There needs to be more precautions so things like the school shootings and massacres can come to an end. Things such as gun laws, more FBI involvement and more security at schools can keep the schools safe because the government can keep stopping bad people from getting through all the “loop holes” and causing harm to innocent people. The shooter used a rifle called an AR-15, which many people think it means “assault rifle” but it really means Armalite Rifle design 15. Gun laws should be stricter on the mentally ill aspect. Nicolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter was mentally ill and bought a rifle legally which should not have been allowed to happen. Now making gun laws stricter will not mean the death rate or shootings will decrease right away because mainly the only people that go to a gun store to buy a gun are law abiding gun owners. A criminal will always have a weapon and a way to get more weapons, criminals do not follow the law. In Chicago, they have some of the strictest gun laws in America, but the shootings still increase; they have had at least 141 people shot and over 40 deaths since the start of 2018. No…show more content…
Do innocent lives have to be lost to get the governments attention? Gun laws, school safety, FBI or government involvement should all be implemented before another tragedy strikes the United States. School safety should be at the top of the governments list to address because the kids at these schools are this country’s future and they are just kids. The kids need someone to protect them when the parents let them out of their sight and go to
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