Argumentative Essay: Do Guns Make Society Safe?

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Do gun make society safe? The problem of today's society that is a big problem and has a significant impact on society is the crime problem. We can see crime news in the newspapers or television which is a normal in everyday life. Although crime occurs every day in society, people is still fear and anxious because they afraid that the danger to life and their beloved family. Crime can happen anywhere, anytime and can happen to anyone. It causes harm to a life, body, mind, and property of people. It makes society is not peaceful. When society is not quiet, it affects the socio-economic system, the living, the politics, the government, and the obstacles to country development. As Bongkot Kanchanokorn (2014) showed that "The state that lack of peace is a state without government." from the concept of Thomas Hobbs, British political philosopher. It presents that peace is a very important factor for the freedom and security of the country. Crimes have many types like conflicts of interest wishing would acquire the property of others, avenges act of wanting to kill someone else's life. The intent that cause injury to another's body, known as physical abuse, rape. These are the things that we can see in our daily lives.…show more content…
This right which can be found in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (Myvenn. 2015). For instance, Texas permits people to carry firearms openly like a police officer as long as there is a legitimate license to carry a weapon. However, there are restrictions on the availability of firearms, such as the prohibition of bringing weapons into hospitals, detention facilities, and liquor stores (Skyforce. 2015). This is cowboy state. They believe that their safety is important at risk when they are in public places. The carry law allows these people to keep a weapon on their person and allows them to feel an increased sense of

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