Narrative Essay On A Sniper

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When we were kids, we wanted to hurt our siblings. We wanted something that would make the other person . When I was about 12 or so, we got introduced into the world of airsoft. It was amazing - a small gun could propel a small 6mm BB weighing 0.12 grams up to speeds of 440 kilometers per hour. It stung when it hit us too, it was like a bee sting that went away after a second. Mom and Dad got us our first guns - we didn’t pay a cent. We had lots of fun playing in the dark forest during the long summers. I would stay still in the cool dirt, looking for my next target. The branches covered my sniper’s nest with leaves. I saw movement in the corner of my eyes, The leaves crackled as I shouldered my weapon and took aim. The safety clicked off. Time slowed. I held my breath and brought my brother into the sights. He froze for a fraction of a second - I shot and saw the white BB fly towards him. It hit him with a loud ‘THWAP’, and a small yelp followed. I slinked away, awaiting the next person to come around the corner. They were monstrous fun, but I wanted an upgrade. I got a job, and bought a CMYA G36C - the one…show more content…
I had taken about 10 shots at a small, steel target. Every BB made a high pitched ‘ting’ or ‘tang’ sound as it hit the target. At the eleventh shot, I heard a different sound. It was a rattling in my gun. I was not happy. I unscrewed the gearbox, which holds the air compressor and spring. As I opened it, my finger slipped, and the spring flung $35 dollars worth of parts out of the gear box. Eventually, I found the pieces that broke - a compressor head and piston teeth. Replacement parts were $50, including a less powerful spring. When I next sat down to work on the gun, I found that the metal gearbox had a crack - 60 dollars this time. It turns out I ordered the wrong gearbox. It was cheaper to get the conversion parts for it. Three months and 30 dollars later, the package

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