Gun Policy Literature Review

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Athulya Purushothaman
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WSEM 1: The American Problem
Professor: Jim Henry
Final Draft: 14-10-2016
America’s Gun Policy
Gun policy is known as one of the most debated and divisive issue in the United States today. Gun ownership in United States is larger than any of the countries. The recent mass shootings in America has led to its comparison with other democracies, who have taken immediate actions against such traumatic situation by making restrictions in the gun ownership and banning semi automatic weapons. My literature review will discuss about what scholars, journalist and others think about the loopholes in the gun policy, why is it difficult to enforce gun control and how all these affects its own citizens and the global world.
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James Hamblin in his article “Why Can’t We Talk about Gun Control” talks about Dick Metcalf who published a column in ‘Guns & Ammo’, a famous newspaper where he suggested that guns can be regulated without anyone’s right being infringed. Metcalf’s boss did not have any problem with the article before it was published, however after publishing he was filled with mails and responses terming Metcalf as anti-American and a gun collaborator, for which he was fired from his job and had to end his career as a journalist. The article ends by saying that such examples are more to say and still happening in…show more content…
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