Gun-Related Deaths: United Sates Vs. Other Countries

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1. What are your thoughts on the gun related deaths each year in the United Sates versus other countries? What was the population of the United States when the Second Amendment was drafted and how did most Americans live at that time? What is your opinion on the US Second Amendment? Is it still relevant to American society today? I believe that the amount of deaths related to guns each year in the United Sates is absolutely absurd. The amount of deaths compared to that of other countries is so drastic I’m very surprised the government controlling the U.S. hasn’t taken any action against guns and the laws surrounding them. My opinion on the United States Second Amendment is that it should not have ever been set in the law and that there is no use for guns besides …show more content…

Another 3. What are the rights and regulations to gun ownership in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Great Britain and Germany and how do they compare to the United States? Each nation has its own take on gun laws and regulations depending on how they are viewed. All of the countries mentioned in the question have much stricter gun laws compared to the United States and some other various countries. The right to own a gun in the United States is outlined completely in The Second Amendment which states that basically any one is capable of obtaining a firearm if there are no signs of a criminal background or drug use. In Japan starting in the 17th century the government and leaders of the nation enforced much stricter laws regarding the use of any weapon including firearms and swords. The law enforced stated that no one shall possess a firearm or firearms or a sword or swords with little to no

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