Gun Related Violence In America

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One article online states that gun related violence accounts for about 30,000 to 40,000 deaths every year in America. More than half of these deaths occur due to self infliction (Keidan 48). This makes it obvious that there should be a certain amount of gun laws in place to stop people from hurting each other. However, people commonly have to use guns for self defense. One such example of this happened when four masked men went into a smoke shop. The store owner, who does not wish to be identified, was immediately alarmed when these four masked men got out of a vehicle and walked inside. One witness even stated that one of the suspects was armed. Luckily, the shop owner was armed as well and fought back, and because of this, the employees and…show more content…
One author of an article finds out through his research that around 30,000 people die each year from guns (Lunger 10). The article goes on listing some more of the specifics of who is killed by firearms every year such as, around 600 people of these victims are under the age of fifteen, and about 3,500 are between the ages of fifteen to 19. Note that only around a seventh of these deaths occur because of accidents with a firearm. More than half of the deaths (53%) are due to suicides. The rest of the deaths caused by firearms are because of homicides. These homicides account for both lawful and unlawful killings (Lunger 11). With these statistics, it is staggering that in some areas there aren’t that many laws put into place to help reduce some of these deaths or…show more content…
Though the main reason is because they think that it will stop all crime. As stated earlier that criminals will always find a way to get ahold of something that they want. and that is very true. One article online states that, “ In one recent year, more than 600,000 guns were reported stolen from some 250,000 U.S. households” (Lunger 36). It becomes very clear that no matter what, people will always get ahold of guns. And by putting strict gun laws into place, all the nation or state would be doing is disarming law abiding citizens. Although Thomas Paine is speaking of all nations in this excerpt from “Thoughts on Defensive War,” this can also apply to the United States of America alone. He explains that if they take away the right to bear arms, there will not be peace because the criminals will have firearms and the law abiding citizens will not. And that the only way to have peace is to have the law abiding citizens armed to protect themselves and the nation from the criminals that would have their firearms regardless of law. In his
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