Gun Safety Speech

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In recent years there has been a big debate when it comes to the topic of gun safety. This issue isn’t just a problem in the Illinois or the U.S. but in many different places around the world. The main arguments revolve around the best way to reduce the high number of gun violence and accidental injuries caused by guns in the United States. The main issue I will discuss is not just gun safety, but more specifically a better solution to keeping kids more safe from guns. The big question people have the most opinions about is, should kids be taught gun safety at a young age, and will that help reduce the number of injuries and deaths in children due to playing with firearms.(ProQuest Staff) Kids aren’t mature enough to handle guns, even if they…show more content…
There are many reasons why a certain issue may be more significant to one person than it is to someone else. A big influence to whether an issue is important to someone is if it’s something that really gets to their emotions or if they can relate to the topic somehow. People die every day due to gun violence or gun accidents. But anytime kids are hurt or killed in a situation related to guns, it tends to get to people more involved in the topic and they have much stronger opinions. And that’s what people need to think about when it comes to the topic of gun safety for children."There are two ways to prevent children from dying in gun accidents: child-proof the gun and gun-proof the child….'Gun-proofing' a child involves ongoing, repeated education coupled with constant vigilance."(ProQuest Staff) They should try to look at it from a different perspective before they join the side of people who feel that it would be best if kids learned gun safety with more of a hands on approach. This issue even got president Obama to give a speech and express how he really personally felt about it, he said that he was ashamed to live in a society where we can barely protect our kids from things like guns. And how things like shooting sprees happen and parents have to worry about their kid’s safety even the school environment. (Lederman) " If the people who agree with that side did more research and looked at the different…show more content…
Or if teaching gun safety to them would have the greater impact on lowering the numbers of deaths and injuries due to firearms. But after doing my research I found a good solution to the problem that both sides will most likely agree on. The solution found was that it would be the best to teach children the proper safety precautions and how to use guns, but only teach them in school without them ever actually coming into contact with any. (Moore) Both sides can agree on this solution because kids would be learning about gun safety, but they won’t ever have to touch a gun since it’s in a school environment. All in all any issue that has to do with kids and their safety people should really work to find a solution that they all feel would work the best. Creating laws built more around citizens opinions would help create more effective laws.( Franklin) Fixing this issue would not only save many children’s lives, but better laws could help with the problem places are having with guns all over not just in Illinois or the
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