Gun Violence Argument Essay

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Recently, a miserable mass-shooting incident in Las Vegas has caused 58 deaths and approximately 500 injuries which was the fatalist gun-related incident in history of the United States (CBS NEWS, 2017). Besides, the number of gun violence incidents has increased from 51,882 in 2014 to 58,784 in 2016 (Gun Violence Archive, 2017). The stunning incident and the upsurge in gun violence in the recent years provoke much public debate about whether guns should be ban completely in the United States. Waldman (2017), a senior writer of The American Prospect Magazine and a blogger of The Washington Post, suggested only allowing a small group of people who have special need to own their private gun like in other Asian countries in order to stop heavy casualties caused by guns every year. Maltz Bovy (2015), the author of ‘’The Perils of Privilege’’, agreed to ban guns completely with a view to forbid guns from entering the realm of possibility. Yet, in my opinion, there should not be a complete ban on…show more content…
According to The Guardian’s special report on gun violence in the United States by case studying on St Louis, New York, Chicago, Oakland, New Orleans and Baltimore, it is found that these six big cities with the highest gun murder rate share some common features. The gun homicides are concentratedly distributed in areas of high poverty, low educational attainment and neighborhoods of racial segregation (Aufrichtig et al., 2017). Moreover, Giaconia (1995) found that as many as 40% of adults may have experienced at least one traumatic event by age 18 resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which contributes to behavioral-emotional problems, interpersonal problems, academic failure, suicidal behavior and other health problems later in life. The above indicates that the environment of people’s living place can lead to enduring effects on their behavior and well-being prospects

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