Gun Violence Debate

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Why his gun violence been a significant issue that is the siding has their heads wrapped around? For over a century, this controversial issue has yet to be further address. Most of all, the allowance of mentally ill person still have access to any armed weapons. More laws to control guns should be put into place because mentally ill and unstable people should not have the right to bear arms.s many people have been killed and injured due to the gun shootings and massive killings. For example, the massive shooting in Newton Connecticut. A 20-year-old man killed 26. 20 of them were first grade students and the other six were adults. He then took his own life. This young man had a history of mental illness and it was too late to be addressed.…show more content…
Just in In the United States itself has been said that a gun has been the top most violent weapon in violent crimes. Just into 2011, 128,900 of crimes were committed with firearms(Klimas). Also in the year of 2014,8,124 murders were used just by fire-arms(Quadl). Gun control is not only entirely reasonable but also certain to be effective. Some of the society needs to recognize in-state Manning fully that legally owning or selling guns only puts another life at risk.It will decrease the amount of mass crimes that are being committed in the United States.Studies have shown When the government outlawed something that huge, number of people very much want that outlawed item even more. This has been shown countless of times(Reed Fred,2).The endless debating conflicts in death caused by guns are why many states in order to The endless debating conflicts in death caused by guns are why many states in order to decrease the rate of violence should limit access to handguns.not only is it the government 's fault, but the people who ignore the symptoms of such mentally ill person. They also take part in not enforcing guns be in their loved one 's possession. A mentally ill man name Sergio Valen Cena Deltoro, was a veteran who served in…show more content…
Buying these guns online lead to dangerous situation in those danger situations lead to death and violence. Although these points are very accurate,(due to the amendments in the Constitution there is a large chance that these violent events will still happen in the US. It can also be hard because most people diagnosed with these conditions are never violent towards others and most violent individuals do not suffer from these major mental disorders(Swanson,Felthous 168). So that 's where history background should have been much more looked upon enforce to deny any person of mentally ill or disorders that will put others in danger and ruin their lives. Since mass shootings in crime rates increase throughout the US, many Americans have long debated over federal regulations of firearms with one party again And again. Another supporting in gun-control should be enforced and many innocent citizens and children are being killed and families are losing their loved ones each and every day. These crimes are being committed due to the laws not being oversee king or enforcing the gun control laws so that these suspects of the mentally ill groups are no longer committing horrific crimes. It puts not only the victims lives in danger but the sick
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