Gun Violence In America

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At least tens of thousands of the deaths that have been recorded in America are affiliated with gun violence. According to 2013 statistics, at least 23.2 injuries were recorded per 100,000 citizens while 33,636 deaths are related to injuries resulting from the use of firearms (Statistics behind gun violence in USA). Discharge of firearms further led to at least 505 deaths which were linked to 11,208 homicide cases and 21, 175 cases that were mainly suicidal. Out of these staggering statistics of deaths caused by the use of firearms, about 281 resulted from ‘undetermined intent’ (Statistics behind gun violence in USA). These statistics provoke worries and rekindle questions on gun control and ownership. Indeed, America is facing a problem with its way of handling guns which are owned by the public. Furthermore, lack of proper management and handling of guns has also enhanced the crime rate in America. Some of the most violent crimes in America are associated with the use of guns. Firearm-related suicides and those associated with handguns have as well escalated since 2012 (Rossi 121). The crime rate related to guns is 25 times higher in America compared to other high-income countries. In comparison to cost, gun-related violence costs the taxpayers at least $516 million in hospitalization. Amid this crisis, America can enforce several methods that will restrict the use of guns by malicious people. One of the solutions to this problem is constraining youth from using guns.
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