Gun Violence In South Florida

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Countless children die in South Florida by the result of gun violence. According to Miami Herald "Gun violence in Miami-Dade has killed a total of 18 children in the last 11 years." Miami is one of the most dangerous cities in America for children and has remained top five in the last decade. Gun violence has recently become a big issue in South Florida for various reasons. The three main reasons are gangs, accessibility of weapons, and irresponsibility of parents. Gangs have been around Miami for a long time. Dr. Craig D. Uchida wrote a research paper that stated that there are currently over 70 gangs remaining active in Miami Dade County. Having this many gangs existing causes for many areas to be controlled by them. Gangs influence many people to work for them. If one refuses, betrays or angers the gang in any way, that person could be facing serious punishment. Being involved with a gang has led to many risks. Children whose families are involved are frequently killed as a message to the family that messed with them. Gangs have had a big impact in South Florida for a while now. Due to the drugs coming in and out of Florida it isn 't going to end anytime soon.…show more content…
There are some ways that this issue can be resolved. Banning all weapons would most likely never happen in South Florida, but banning military type weapons could be possible to do. There is no need for an average citizen to own weapons that are strong enough to kill crowds of people. These weapons are far too powerful and should only be allowed to the army or high tier officers. Another way this can be resolved is by making the process of purchasing a weapon more strict and difficult. Extensive background checks should be implemented. Anyone with a severe criminal record should be forbidden from purchasing a weapon. Solving the issue of gun violence in South Florida is a hard task, but these two solutions is a great step in the right
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