Gun Violence

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Security matters in most of the campuses are threatened by the continuous attack by thugs with less attention from the security personnel. People who are in the campus feel danger and fears from the weapon of the gun. students use their gun on campus to save own life once there is no security personnel, therefore the demand for the self-defense has grown significantly in various campuses. There are three different articles, but these have same point that is antagonizing of the gun on campus. In article of “Guns, Campuses and Madness”, Frank Bruni thinks that how the students of the University of Texas think about misbehavior of firearms. College students across the country are very interested in emotional safety, and some schools add "trigger warning" to novels and other texts. They make some rules for campus that people who have gun do not carry into the classroom. One of the rules is that they can carry the gun outside of the building on campus. "Those people were already allowed to have guns on university grounds. they just couldn 't bring them into classroom, dorms and other insides spaces, some of which may remain off limits." Such a situation cannot remove people’s anxiety from the gun even though there is the rule of the gun. Campuses should be enforce sanctions for having guns because they are emotionally threatened and will be a criminal oriented environment. The existence of guns will be a major threat to some of the students. In the article of “As Campus Gun
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