Gun Violence Rhetorical Analysis

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Demand Action for gun sense in Moms America mobilizes moms and families to advocate stronger gun laws. This organization is built for families who want gun violence to come to an end. This public service announcement (see Figure 1) takes place in a classroom. This PSA is clearly stating the past incidents involving school shootings. This PSA was published after all the school shootings that have happened. In this online public service announcement, there is a young boy and girl. The boy who is wearing a red shirt making an allusion to blood is holding an unimportant chocolate egg which has been banned from the United States due to nutritional factors. The young girl is wearing a white and purple stripped shirt is brandishing an intimidating…show more content…
The color scheme in this PSA delivers emotions that touch anyone who sees it. The PSA has a variety of shades of reds. Those shades make the allusion to blood and make the audience feel sympathetic towards the kids involved in gun violence situations. In this case school shootings. There is also the darkness of the room there is also shades of grey in there that brings up the controversy in gun violence. The whole situation has not been resolved, nobody can come to an agreement when it comes to gun violence so the shade of grey makes the resemblance to the disagreement of the situation. All the emotions that the PSA is portraying are very persuasive towards parents around the country for the reason that it makes them want the best for their children. Parents around the country want to make sure their children are in a safe environment so they could acquire their education and succeed in life. This PSA is great to persuade parents to vote against guns so they make the community safer for their children. Another emotion the PSA portrays is sympathy. If someone sees the PSA they will first see the faces of both the children. They display a very cold and hard expression on their face and by just looking at their face people with feel sympathetic towards the children. Everyone expects children to have immense smiles on their faces filled with joy and playfulness. And when they see these faces it makes people think that this is a serious

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