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The recent devastation we see everyday involving guns are forcing us to consider change. Shootings have reached horrifically high fatalities and the constant debilitation these attacks have on our nation is no way to preserve it. Despite the potential drawbacks of increasing gun technology, it is essential to do so in order to sustain the lives of citizens in our country.
The technology we all used to use has become quite obsolete, and for good reason. We now have advancements that work better, are safer, and more sustainable. There is no comprehensible way we could have built the lives we all have today without these technological advancements. So why is it that guns haven’t changed yet? Some may say they have with the Gun Control Safety
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However, we are still putting a weapon in someone 's hand. Instead of taking everyone 's guns away, what would happen if we implemented technology in guns. Something as simple as a ring recognition system (where your gun will only be able to shoot if the ring is near the gun) or fingerprint scanner could help solve our gun problems. It’s incredibly possible to utilize this technology, with fingerprint scanners on our phones that we use everyday, it makes sense to do something similar. With some kind of identifiable object registered to one person, it prevents someone else from ever operating it. With this system in place, it would be easy to log when someone is moving the location of a gun, loading a gun or firing a gun. If your gun was only to be used in emergency situations, this could effortlessly send a police officer to your house to make sure everything is alright. But like any new system, there is potential risks to this design. People want privacy, and don 't want everyone to know their whereabouts all the time, but phones already do that. It is also nearly impossible to collect all 325 million guns and implement this on those guns. This technology won 't fix everything. There is no one solution to fix everything. But this technology might fix something, if it

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