Gun Violence: The Attention Getter On Gun Control

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Attention Getter: Between 1993 and 2003 gun ownership increased by 56 percent, and yet gun violence declined by almost 50 percent (Bandler). Criminals know that if people have guns to protect themselves then they might not be successful in a shooting. Gun Regulation is immoral because Guns are not what kill people. It is the people who use the guns to kill people, who kill people. Many of these people who cause these mass shooting and killings have mental health issues. Mental Health is a bigger issue than guns, and mental health will be regulated and not guns if the authority and the government want killings to stop occurring. Taking away guns will not stop killings with guns. People will find other ways to kill people, because people if they want to kill, will kill. Some argue that the guns need to be taken away because guns take away Innocent people’s lives. However, the real reason people are killed by guns is that of the people using the gun. Regulating guns will not stop all of the killings that are occurring in America, and there are better ways to cease the killings than regulating guns. Body Paragraph One: Topic Sentence: Regulating mental health will be more effective in ceasing killings with guns than regulating guns. In an analysis provided, 22 percent of the perpetrators of 235 mass killing, could be considered mentally ill, many of which were carried out with firearms (Qui). Almost 25% of mass shooting killers are being considered mentally ill
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