Argumentative Essay: The Cycle Of Gun Violence

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Here's the cycle, everyone is used to, goes. There will be a mass shooting. There will be calls for action. The debate goes back and forth. Nothing happens, people move on. Then another mass shooting occurs. It's a cycle, we all know about and get used to. Maybe it's harsh to say or write. However that is how it goes, it's the same thing over and over. We often wonder who's next and why ?
Why do we have to be scared of getting killed by some crazy person carrying a gun. When going out to do everyday things, how is there a guaranteed a shooting won't occur? Why do we have to carry guns to feel safe? Why do we have to debate on having to teach our kids to use a gun ¨just in case?¨ Why isn't there stricter laws on guns? How many more shooting does there have to be in order for there to be a harder way for anyone to get a gun? Since Sandy Hook,2012, there has been more that 1,600 mass shootings. That leaves us with 1,800 dead people and more than 6,400 wounded. Other countries have stricter gun laws, why don't we follow the
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In an online article from The Atlantic, Stray (2013) mentioned 8,583 homicides are by firearms in 2011. (para.1) He also mentioned how this affects us as a whole. The threat of violence makes neighborhoods poorer. It's also very difficult to quantify the total harm caused by gun violence. It is an estimate that people will pay up to $100 billion dollars to avoid this threat.
On an average, 59 people kill themselves with a firearm. 46 people are shot or killed with a gun daily and 151 are treated for a gun assault in an emergency room. Killers use a semi- automatic handgun in 75% of incidents. It's the same percent as the 72% in overall gun violence. The guns were obtained legally in 79% of mass shootings. Many of the shooters showed signs of mental illness, but in two cases were there a prior

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