Gun Violence Thesis

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America owns forty eight percent of guns throughout the entire world, which is equivalent to 650 million guns worldwide! Throughout each and everyday, seven kids and teenagers die throughout the nation, which other bystanders are traumatized for life. Gun violence is taking many innocent lives around America. But, background checks can keeps guns out of the hands of many dangerous people. Gun violence is talking the lives of innocent people across the nation. In fact, roughly seven children and teenages die per day due to gun violence. The number seven may not seem like much, but the eventuality impacts many lives. North America’s firearm death rate is at an unexplainable high, a rate which is 25 times higher than the average income country.…show more content…
Their mental standpoint may be off, or the amount of attention and affection the shooter receives from family and peers. First said, the shooter may retain a mental illness. Mental illnesses influence many negative decisions, which lead to poor outcomes. Anger and stress, two unfortunate outcomes, contribute to the act of gun violence. The Washington Post says, ((QUOTE 6)). Traumatic life events are therefore a cause that sets people over the edge. If the shooter has no support from peers, than the shooter will believe that they are granted permission to continue violence, since a responsible peer is not there no say “no”. The decline in family and parenting values is another contributing factor to gun violence. Many children and teenagers play video games that require shooting other players, or any act that requires the use of a gun. Many parents are too entangled in their own personal lives to care. Shooting video games endorse the player about the use of guns and shooting, and it assures the player that violence is accredited to the real world. If the shooter shows no respect to a faux player in non-existent video games, how can the shooter show any respect to anybody in the real world? Therefore, this often becomes reality. Police One states, ((QUOTE 8)) ADD ANALYSIS HERE. Because of these reasons, shooters are more inclined to shoot innocent people. Dangerous people acquiring guns often leads to brutal…show more content…
Each day, many innocent and undeserving people are injured or killed due to gun violence. Forty six children, on average, are shot each day. Circa thirty nine are either injured or in critical condition, and seven ultimately die. Each day, across all ages, three-hundred fifteen people are shot. Two-hundred twenty two survive, but unfortunately around ninety three people die each day. The Brady Campaign says, ((QUOTE10). The rate 333,800 is an irrationally high rate. Gun violence occurs very frequently in today’s world, and exposes many people to the horrors of firearm attacks. Children and adults are being negatively influenced and affected by gun violence. Many children and adults have a encounter with the violence in their neighborhood or at school. Children especially tend to have a long lasting horror once exposed to gun violence. They develop an apprehension for their surroundings, and their lives become permanently scarred. Pubmed says, ((QUOTE9)). It is true that long lasting physiological effects arise in children once they are exposed to the violent media, such as anger, withdrawal, posttraumatic stress and desensitization to all kinds of violence. It is true that gun violence is affecting our nation’s society, but there is a potential solution for taking guns out of the hands of dangerous people for
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