Gunmetal Apparel Case Study

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Gunmetal Apparel is committed to saving the environment and giving to community. Therefore, the implementation of recycling and upcycling is part of everyday operations with plans to increase these practices.
Gunmetal believes that recycling, taking a thing back to its cycle so it can be reused instead of thrown way is important to be a positive presence in the corporate world. Recycling plastics into textiles that are used in its designs, the company is trying to help our planet. Upcycling is the process reusing material without degrading its quality and composition and an example of this is using old fabrics from other types of apparel and using them for new clothing. Upcycling improves on recycling and it takes things already usable and places them once again back in the supply chain as a resource and takes waste or an undesirable merchandise and makes them into new products and Gunmetal uses both upcycling and recycling.
Company Philosophy
Environmentally conscious products are the foundation of Gunmetal Apparel and our company philosophy reflects this:
- We will utilize upcycling which improves on recycling in that things that cannot be recycled can be used and often made more beautiful and it save money and valuable resources;
- We will value the material and features of a product, not the original intent of the product and are limited only by imagination;
- We will not waste and do our best to make sure everything possible
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