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Gunnar Hamundarson was killed yesterday in an intense battle for his life in his home at Hlidarendi in Fljotshlid. Gunnar is survived by his wife, Hallgerd, two children: Hogni and Grani, three brothers: Kolskegg, Hjorth and Orm Skogarnef and one sister: Arngunn. Gunnar was an incredible man and a fighter who was respected by many people across the seas. Gunnar’s skills were unmatched as he could swing a sword and throw a spear with either hand, he shot with a bow better than anyone else and he could jump higher than his own height in full fighting gear. These skills even earned the respect of the Danish King Harald Gormsson as Gunnar contended with his men in various sports, and there was not one sport in which they were a match for him.…show more content…
Njal had many children and raised them to become great warriors in their own way. Njal is well known for adopting children and raising them like his own. Njal offered to be the foster father of Thorhall and raised him to become the greatest lawyer in Iceland. Njal also offered to be the foster father for Hoskuld when his father was killed by Skarphedin. Njal raised Hoskuld to be well-mannered and a strong fighter which earned him the respect of his brothers. Njal being a newly converted Christian became very sentimental after his newly raised son, Hoskuld was killed, especially since his death sprang from evil roots. Njal loved Hoskuld more than any of his other sons and would give up his life to save Hoskuld but the only thing Njal could do was make sure a settlement has been reached for the death of his foster son. Njal died in the most honorable way he can, with his family. Njal had the opportunity to leave his house when it was under attack without any harm done to him but chose to die with his family. Njal’s wisdom and kindness he has shown has never wavered even in the face of death with his family and he shall be remembered as a brilliant lawyer who can see far into the future and remember far into the

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