Gunnar Kaasen In The Great Serum Race, By Debbie Miller

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“Whoosh” went the sleds as they raced by trying desperately to get the serum to Nome, Alaska. I think that Gunnar Kaasen made the biggest contribution to the Great Serum Race, because he risked his life in more than one way. In the book The Great Serum Race, by Debbie Miller, I learned that “ A violent gust of wind flipped the sled over and the dogs went flying” (Miller 233). This shows that that he was absolutely selfless, because he took the shorter route to get the serum to the town faster, which in the end saved so many lives. I also learned that “He took of his mitts and felt around the shockingly cold snow, with his bare hands, looking for the Serum” ( Miller 234). I think that this shows selflessness because he risked his own self
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