Gunner's Informative Essay: Pearl Harbor

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Gunner drifted off to sleep after coming home from Cameron’s birthday party. Gunner woke up in Hawaii! “Yes”, Gunner thought, but then he had a sad realization. It was December 7, 1941… The sun had risen in the east, and the orange sun reflected beautifully with the blue of the harbor. The ships and those inside were at rest, and fishermen and just began to fish. “Wow, it looks so serene,” Gunner said. He was standing on a base right next to the harbor, enjoying the view. He was in Pearl City on a peninsula which protruded out into Pearl Harbor parallel to Ford Island which the Naval Air Station was based. “7:55am”, his watch read. Gunner looked up in the sky and saw dozens of D3A green gray aircraft moving through the sky. The “Rising-Sun”
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