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I interviewed Beverly Newak, Beverly lives in La Mesa, California. She enlisted for wwll when she was 20 years-old, at the time you had to be 20 years-old if you were a woman wanting to serve. Beverly was a Specialist G. Gunnery Instructor 1st Class in the Navy during wwll. She said she never had problems with men she was teaching because they knew they were going into battle and would need to know how to use the guns. Beverly enjoyed her job as a Gunnery Instructor very much. She learned how to deal with people and get along with people around her. She also learned how to make the best out of any situation no matter what came her way. Beverly said “It’s a good program for life,” this touched me the most because serving changed her life for the better. Beverly set up her life up…show more content…
She served in 1943 till 1946 as an Office worker in the Navy. She replaced men in offices for they could go overseas and help fight. She said there were many things you could do like being a pharmacist, helping organize papers, and many other things. Goldie just worked in the office with handling important paper work. Goldie wished everyday she could do something to help soldiers. But knowing she couldn’t she hoped for the best and hoped for war to end. Eventually war ended and she was then focused on getting married and starting her life. Goldie’s advice for people today is give it a try and help as much as possible. She says this because it’s a great experience everyone should get to see. After watching multiple interviews, I can mostly see how much serving for our country changed everyone’s life. Almost everyone said that they had learned how to get along and deal with situations no matter how hard it was. Most of all each person said everyone should do something to help our country weather its big or small. I found it very interesting learning about everyone’s feelings and outcomes from serving for our

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