Gunpowder's Impact On Western Civilization

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The Silk Road was like a stairway that started small but then lead to greater things. Goods on the Silk Road were traded from east to west. Judging by the name of the road, silk was the main priority. The Silk Road really revolved around the item when it was first made famous. Silk was the ideal commodity for trading, and was originally of greater importance because of it’s lightweight, compactness, enormous demand and high price. These variables made it quintessential for business and long distance transportation. When silk was first discovered, it was specifically timid to only the rulers. It was symbol of being of a higher society. The art involving silk was known as “sericulture”. Korea soon embarked on this valuable Chinese secret, in…show more content…
Along with silk, gunpowder is another historic invention by the Chinese. It’s original development dates back to around 850 A.D. Gunpowder was actually invented by accident by Chinese alchemists seeking the “elixir to immortality”. Merchants gallantly travelled across mountain ranges and deserts to bring gunpowder to the west. The gunpowder had a very great impact on western civilization, as we know it today. The Silk Road was the missing factor that would change the face of warfare across the planet. Merchants travelled across mountain ranges and deserts to bring gunpowder to the west. The gunpowder had the greatest impact on western civilization, as we know it today. The introduction first commenced when Arabian scientists started experimenting with gunpowder and its utilizations in warfare. When Europe invaded the Arabs in the 11th century, they turned their newfound weapon on the European troops, which initially sparked fear, interest and high demand on the West, who were very induced in war. The secret of gunpowder soon traveled back to Europe along with stories of its detrimental force. However at the time, there was scarce interest in science and discovery in Europe, which made gunpowder quite useless. Soon after the crusades pioneered in European exploration, gunpowder became an aid rather than an obstruction. The tradition, hand-to-hand combat was non-existent, and gunpowder and the…show more content…
What has had the greatest impact on the world, as we know it today? The answer is clear. The answer is simple. The answer has changed the world completely. Human rights have changed the face of global identity throughout the globe. One of the first modern milestones UN’s “Universal Declarations of Human Rights,” which was a retort to the horrors of World War II. People could not stand up for themselves in hard times; they did not have their own views or perspectives. Everyday, human beings worldwide mobilize and face injustice and inhumanity. The concept of Human Rights changed everything. It gives people a reason to wake up in the morning and not to be afraid to walk out the front door. Human rights give us the confidence and belief to trust once again. They have created the person who we are today. We now have choices, and opinions that will be taken into account, and we are able to make a mark and add to the world with what we have to give. People are given the right to freedom and justice. That to me, is innovation at it’s finest, and is a form of global
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