Gunpowder Technology

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Imagine saying anywhere in the world, stepping into a portal, and instantly arriving there. While technology is not that advanced yet, we are quickly approaching the time when it could be a reality. Technology is evolving faster now than ever before. When humans first discovered tools, they set off a series of events that would change the world. They had created the first technology, and after that technology has never stopped evolving. Technological advances used to take thousands of years between breakthroughs, but now we have a new advance or discovery almost every day. Around ten million years ago, humans discovered how to make tools. They used stone, wood, antlers, and bones as construction materials. Without those first tools, we probably…show more content…
Gunpowder is one of the greatest breakthroughs, but whether it has helped or hurt the human race more is debatable. Guns allowed us to make hunting easier when it was essential to hunt to survive. On the other hand, gunpowder has also allowed the creation of huge weapons of mass destruction and has caused billions of deaths worldwide. On the other hand, men waged war before the invention of guns. So it can be said that guns were not the cause of all those deaths, they just made it easier to create destruction and death on a massive scale. Then in 1450, Johannes Gutenberg builds the prototype of the modern printing press. This allows humans to mass produce and spread the written word. Unfortunately, many people have taken it upon themselves to seek out and burn either certain literary achievements or wage war upon the entire world of literature as a whole. Hitler had book burning in Berlin and some groups of Christians get together to burn the Harry Potter books every year. Hitler burned books because they posed a threat to his absolute control. The more knowledgeable you are, the more likely you are to have your own ideas and opinions, and the more likely you are to have your own ideas and opinions, the less
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