Gunpowder's Delicate Role In Early Modern Society

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Gunpowder played an enormous role in the early modern day society. It is said that is one of the most influential inventions ever developed. Gunpowder is “a propellant in firearms, rockets, fireworks, and as a blasting powder in quarrying, mining, and road building.” It consists of potassium, nitrate, common charcoal, and sulfur. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century. It soon evolved into many things such as weapons and firecrackers. The creation of gunpowder was not in China’s intentions. It was discovered by mistake. Instead they were trying to create an elixir of eternal life but ended up producing one of the most important items utilized in war setting. Gunpowder made warfare totally different. It changed the way battles were fought, and the…show more content…
Another great advantage of cannons is that they could be shot from far away and still generate the same destruction. Chinese emperors tried their best to keep the incredible invention a secret. Meanwhile, around the 1100’s, the secret was revealed. It reached Japan, Islam, and then Europe. Unfortunately, West Africa was defeated by Europe in the 1400’s because they had not heard about the discovery of gunpowder yet. Still this day, no one knows how the secret of gunpowder got revealed and lingered so quickly. Many suggest that it had a lot to do with the Silk Road which was also discovered by China. The Silk Road also known as the Silk Route, was a trade route for countries throughout the Asian continent. Furthermore, one of the next inventions that gunpowder played a major role in is the gun. A bullet could pierce through one’s armor, and kill with just one shot. It wasn’t long before guns found their way into the military forces. In my opinion, guns are what really paved the way for modern warfare. Killing was no longer about skill or strength. Guns made war more violent, and it made people less
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