Guns Control Laws: The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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In this world, there are too many people that have died from guns. Some of them have died in large-scale attacks, some of them were in a gun accident. Many want more gun control laws to be passed. In fact, the gun control law must be passed through, because this can be more effective to protect people. people always thinking if they have a gun, they can protect themselves. However, that is totally wrong. “The personal protection angle, that people own guns for self-defense, is impractical and glamorized. Very few gun-owning individuals have the experience, training, and temperament hard to successfully defend themselves or others in an emergency situation.” Because many people don't know how to shot the gun, it is easy to hurt themselves or others, so no guns are easier to protect themselves. “Guns are not safe. There are too many accidents involving children playing with guns or accidental discharges due to careless or inexperienced adults.”Many people put guns out of the reach of children or have studied firearms at all, leading to a …show more content…

“As things now stand, deadly weapons are easily accessible, studies about the causes of gun violence are prohibited, and the super-political gun industry profits from death.”Some people profit from the gun, some occupations such as killers, spies, and some more terrorists, do anything they can to get the goal. Some common people who may be victims of gun violence, their families or themselves may have been hurt. Because firearms are too easy to obtain at this time and are collected at this time so that gun violence can easily take place. We should ban the sale of firearms. “Too many criminals purchase guns legally and use them to commit crimes.”Terrorists will be difficult to collect large quantities of firearms if it is banned from selling their firearms, and it is also very hard to launch an attack. So the gun control law pass through is

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