Guns Control: The Safety Of Gun Control In America

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What’s better? More guns available to although act as protection, but also pose as a threat or less guns and higher security background checks before owners are able to obtain guns? There are about 300 millions guns owned in America - that’s about one firearm per person The U.S. government permits citizens to buy guns due to their right to bear arms. However, these guns fall into the wrong hands at times as shown in the many mass shootings that have been displayed on the media several times lately. It’s time to change America’s gun laws to enforce the safety of its citizens. If the current gun control laws are continued to exist, the safety of this country’s citizens would still be at high risk due to guns because a gun is easily attainable by most, there are a lot of gun violence and mass shootings in America, and the gun laws currently placed now was made at a time where they didn’t have the same issues as today and don’t apply to this generation anymore.
Nowadays, guns are easily accessed; states that in some states, like Florida, one can easily go to a gun shop and walk out several minutes later with an AR-15, the semi automatic gun used in several of the US’ mass shootings. According to Gregory Korte’s “Buying a Gun Legally in the U.S. Isn 't Difficult,” it states, “In doing so [getting a gun], Dylann Roof, 21, would have had to go through a background check — a test he appears to have passed despite previous arrests for drug possession and

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