Gun Laws In America

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What’s better? More guns available to although act as protection, but also pose as a threat or less guns and higher security background checks before owners are able to obtain guns? There are about 300 millions guns owned in America - that’s about one firearm per person The U.S. government permits citizens to buy guns due to their right to bear arms. However, these guns fall into the wrong hands at times as shown in the many mass shootings that have been displayed on the media several times lately. It’s time to change America’s gun laws to enforce the safety of its citizens. If the current gun control laws are continued to exist, the safety of this country’s citizens would still be at high risk due to guns because a gun is easily attainable…show more content…
According to “Number of Deaths in 2018,” so far there has been over 45 successful or attempted mass shootings in America this year - in only midway of March, 2018. And school shootings have averaged about a little more than once a week in 2018 currently. People will and have died or been injured from this gun violence. In “Guns in the US: The Statistics behind the Violence,” a study done in 2012 states 60% of homicides in America were from gun violence, and the number has grown these past few years as gun ownership and population has increased; and the number will continue to increase unless laws change. The huge rate of gun violence being the cause of death puts in prospective how guns are used to do more harm than good or…show more content…
The Second Amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." What this argument fails to take into account is that the Second Amendment was written in a time period not similar to current days. The Second Amendment was created in 1791; and in Christopher Ingraham’s “What ‘Arms’ Looked like When the 2nd Amendment Was Written,” it states, “... semiautomatic firearms technology didn 't exist in any meaningful sense in the era of the founding fathers. They had something much different in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment.” This demonstrates that at the time of the founding fathers era, guns and problems in society today was not a problem. Even though they could have planned for the future of more powerful guns, they should have then also prepared to make stricter laws on those guns. Therefore, although the Second Amendment, which is created by America’s founding fathers and part of its government, does state that the people have the right to bear arms, times have changed; and it is time for this country to change these laws

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