Guns Germs And Steel Chapter 1 Summary

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chapter 1: 1.When Darwin young, he never want to be a doctor. He woulc like to follow the steps of his family, rather than he was interested in exploring new horizons. And Henslow tried capture his attention, to persuade Charlie into the seven volumes of reading other 's books, and let him to travel and see how the world looks like. 2.Darwin was interested in shells and coral, about 30 feet of sea level and the band, Darwin began to wonder if the sea level drops, or made the island rise up. 3.Species on the Galapagos islands is not from those found in South America is completely different, but they are still not the same. He compared his findings. Former one is, he found from other islands. The Galapagos islands (igunas and finches/birds), and…show more content…
Chapter 2: 1.Malaysia is the huge island between southeast Asia and Australia. In addition to the island of Java, animals and plants are unknown. Many islands are volcanic. Islands covered in tropical forest, a similar, but had different treasures. 2.All the birds of the family is very common in Sumatra, Java, Borneo absent from Aru, New Guinea and Australia, and vice versa. Between western and eastern island in Indonesia is also striking differences in mammals. On the big island in the west of the monkey, tiger, rhinos and. But without Aru primates and predators of all local mammals are marsupials, kangaroo, three, four cuscus, and some other small marsupial mouse. 3.All departments and all their energy into full play, need to keep his own existence, and for the offspring of their babies. Wallace know from ten years in the jungle, searching for food and evading risk rules of animal life - the weakest to be eliminated. These ideas are similar to Darwin 's. chapter 3: 1.Bates saw different species of moth and butterfly, also saw how they are inherited specific
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