Guns Germs And Steel Chapter 7 Analysis

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Chapter 7: After founding out that they only have less than 25% of the soldiers left in their group, they had to be reorganized and Paul states that the Second Company would need to have 100 more people in their group. Himmelstoss comes back to the group of soldiers and Paul explains that Himmelstoss wants to get along with the rest of the soldiers better, and Himmelstoss does this by giving the rest of the soldiers more food. However, Tjaden stills feel like Himmelstoss is hiding something and suspects Himmelstoss of faking his feelings with the other soldiers. Himmelstoss proves to Tjaden that he is not faking his feelings by becoming the new chef by giving the soldiers a few pounds of sugar, and a half of pound of butter for Tjaden. All…show more content…
Paul explains that he doesn’t anyone in his training camp. Across from his training camp, there was a Russian prison camp, which Paul explains that many of the Russian soldiers he sees there are very nervous about what is happening. He explains that the Russian soldiers look like peasants with a broad appearance. Paul explains that he is mostly also put on guard of the Russians that he is seeing. He sees that the Russians get along more with each other, almost like brothers, and wanted to know more about them, but he feels like cannot, and only sees them suffering more in the prisons. He was also required to kill these Russian soldiers, who he explains that he is scared to do, and instead, gives all the Russian soldiers some cigarettes that he has. He finds out that some of these soldiers know how to speak German and have similar interest as him, such as playing the instrument. The moment before he had to go back to the front, he meets up with his sister and his father who explain that his mother does have cancer. Before his dad and his sister leaves, they gave him some jam and some potato cakes to continue his adventure as a soldier. However, he felt like giving the cakes to the soldiers and decided to give two of the cakes to the Russian
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