Guns Germs And Steel Civilization Analysis

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In today’s world, it’s crucial to have the upper hand in order to thrive and continue to function as a civilization. The Same thing can be said about the earliest settlers, they needed to have the upper hand in order for them to strive and flourish to a civilization. The climate and environment played a tremendous role in the origins of domestication, and how it created inequalities between civilizations, allowing these groups of people to either grow into settlements or force them to be nomads. The advantages and disadvantages faced by these early settlers changed the face of the earth, and gave the upper hand to a later civilization and help them prosper in today’s world instead of struggling to survive. As Jared Diamond explains “History…show more content…
I believe the theory that Jared Diamond use in Guns Germs and Steel to try and answer Yali’s question is cultural ecology. Agricultural practices, such as harvesting and gathering, in terms of their long-term role, help humans adapt to their environment. To Diamond, the environment sets the path towards civilization and set the inequality in humans. The different factors that involved in nature come down to geography, soil fertility, plant and animal availability, and climate. This created vast differences in social development amongst societies. The advantages of looking at this theory towards the response of Yali’s question is because there is archeological proof that in a thriving environment, humans settled where there were fertile soil and abundance of livestock. We can attribute this to European dominance, they had favorable sources for planting and contact with animals. As they had more close contact with these animals, diseases begin to emerge slowly given them immunity to many diseases that the rest of the Earth’s population weren’t exposed to. Furthermore, as they expand in the East-west axis, they were able to cultivate some of the exported crops, exchange technology, and share ideas. They had enough food for their population to survive and reproduce given them the advantage over the…show more content…
After suffering a drought for many years, the settlers in the middle east found a way how to survive in this environment. They began by harvesting and gathering cereal plants like barley and wheat, these plant would grow in abundance and could be stored, the accessibility to these cereal plants would have a profound impact in our history. They would farm barley and wheat close to their villages and make them settle in villages, barley and wheat is very nutritionist and gave the village the nutrition they needed. These innovative farmers were changing the nature of the crops without realizing it selecting the most profitable seeds of barley and wheat to plant, controlling nature and changing the crops by domestication. Now scientist selects fruits genes to modify them to be ever more useful to humans. Altering the genes of fruits have caused many people not to know what some actual fruits looks like. It surreal to think they are fruits and plants that look different than what we are accustom to because they are left in the wild. For example, wild bananas are not shaped the same way as modern banana are, also wild bananas had larger and harder seeds compared to the modified banana which has smaller seeds and tastes better. This is just one example of the many fruits and vegetables we have modified over the years for our
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