Guns Germs And Steel Essay

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Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies.
Jared Diamond exclaimed book Guns Germs and Steel emphasizes that the success of the human race is not related to intelligence but instead the environment. Diamond correlates the advantages the environment plays in essentials deciding the progress that a group of humans have. He goes on and provides numerous examples of how the environment plays a big part in the deciding who the dominant race will be. The overall idea that Diamond is suggesting is conceptually brilliant. He is basically giving the environment the credit of developing human race. It is intriguing because if the environment did not promote the tools for success of many species of humans, in accordance to Diamonds thesis,
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In generally it seems Diamond believes that humans are egocentric. They place a lot of the achievements that have been done on man kinds back. However, these achievements are simply the outcome of environmental favoring the human race. If the environmental factors was not favorable and did not allow provisions that was desirable for growth then the human species would not be the same one that is known today. In the broad scoop of everything human race is depended on the environment to stay favorable because when it does not then the human race suffers. Diamond writes “The whole modern world has been shaped by lopsided outcomes.”(Diamond, 1999, p. 25). The “lopsided outcomes” he mentions has shaped what the human race is today. It is interesting to look at the realizations that the reason the human race developed the way it did is because of these chain of lopsided outcomes that led to favorable outcome for some. When applied to history it is seemly factual that the series of invites have led to the reason that humans beings are even where they are now. If African or Native Americans knew the same things as the Spanish it would be questionable to say that the world would be the same as it is now. It is that idea that Diamond stresses. It’s the notion that the world evolved simply because of favorable environmental resources that allowed one race to have a more favorable outcome then the
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