Guns, Germs, Steel, And The Fall Of The Inca Empire

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Guns, Germs, and Steel were the main cause of the fall of the Inca Empire. The fall was caused because of Francisco Pizarro whose army was small but way more high tech then the Incas. The Incas thought they could never be defeated but Pizarro lead to their defeat because of guns, germs, and steel. The Inca empire was defeated because of guns. Pizarro had guns that weren’t very accurate but scared the Incas away because of their loud booms, This made the Incas run and try to escape but they couldn’t and lots of Incas died. For example “ there was an Inca God called Viracoxa, and he was a white man, and he was the god of thunder, and they thought these men with their aquabuses were the very incarnation of Viracoxa” Jared Diamond. To
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