Guns On Campus Essay

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This paper discusses the reasons behind the necessity of restricting gun possession on campuses. On the first hand, guns on campuses aren’t to be allowed because students aren’t mature enough to handle the possession of a gun. On the other hand, allowing guns at universities may increase suicide rate.
Moreover, guns on campuses will obviously distract the learning environment because the ones who possess guns will always threaten students. Furthermore, allowing guns on campuses will make it easier to criminals and will increase crimes. In other words, holding a gun doesn’t prevent accidents.

Guns on Campuses:
Flying Bullets

Family feud is a long running TV competition show where people are
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The typical college life doesn't start and end with classes and exams, as it encompasses a lot more than the academic side of it. In colleges, there are fraternities and sororities, clubs and factions, parties and events, relationships and cliques, among many other aspects of the university life that can be found on all campuses. There are many instances where a gun might be used without the intent of killing. First, when alcohol and drugs are involved, people lose a grasp of how they're acting and what they're doing, which would make holding a gun and shooting a lot more likely when a gun is allowed to be present. According to Birbaum (2013), these substances inhibit the tendencies to be reasonable and rational among people and might ultimately allow them to accidentally commit a crime (p.8). Also, there are many fraternity and sorority initiation practices that end tragically, and having guns in those houses might prompt them to use them in an effort to make those initiation practices more serious, and ultimately, more dangerous and lethal. It is also very possible for the gun to go off by accident, killing without the holder's intent of actually murdering anyone, which is also a scary
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